Lee Brown

I began life camping, shooting, and "cowboying." Vacations weren't lush hotels and swimming pools but rather wagon trains and trail rides. Spending time outside was the only way for me to be entertained as a boy. After having children, I began considering the shape of the world and the economy as concerning.

Preparedness and tactical proficiency became an obsession. YouTube and literature covering survival became my main topic of study and practice. Somewhere in the prepping process, I discovered 4 Winds Survival School and Native.

After taking the basic classes I excelled quickly and was offered an opportunity to become an instructor. The vision quest closed the deal on the skills that I was left lacking. Prepping and concerns became a nonissue once the world and nature became my storage bin. The food was no longer ever to be an issue and weaponry existed all around me. From stones to steel all materials were now assets and meaningful resources.

The world around me stopped being a concern. Knowing that I could leave society and enter Nature and thrive snuffed any worries about political climate and economy. Sharing those skills and that comfort became my biggest ambition and desire.