From the young age of six, Native was hunting game, setting traps, tanning fur, and building our family's first homestead from scratch. People say it can't be done...well we did it. You just have to be willing to live small and work hard but the rewards lead to financial and mental freedom and self-sustainability

(Taken from: "The Journals Of The Native Pathfinder")
"It was time for a change...through some interesting events I found myself more and more in northeastern Utah in the Uinta and parenting Rocky Mountain Range breaking horses, building log cabins, hunting Elk, Bear, and Deer, and taking in the new lessons that the western wilderness throws at you from day to day."

Native has Survived through one of Utah's worst winter blizzard storms with just my saddle bags, pack horse and rifle to keep the bears and lions at bay, feeding myself on piney hens, wild herbs, and drinking cold mountain water.

Now today he has had yet to live in a home with central heat, and air. He now resides with his family in their self-built, self-sustainable, small log cabin where we live 100% self-sufficient and off-grid on our homestead in Georgia.

"I have learned that if we can take in and learn to hone and own early indigenous skills and bring these sustainable skills to the 21st Century world, then we can be prepared in any grid down catastrophic crisis and have the mental and physical agility and tools it takes to go into the wild and survive!"

I look forward to hopefully working together with you to pass on the knowledge as we all learn together the sustainable tools we store in our haversack.

"The more we carry in our heads, the less we will need to carry in our backs."
~Horace Kephart